About Jim McMahon

Jim McMahon (born August 21, 1959 in Jersey City, New Jersey) is a former American football player, first at Brigham Young University and later in the professional ranks with the Chicago Bears. Through his college and professional careers, McMahon earned many accolades and will always be remembered as the ” Punky QB known as McMahon.”

Jim McMahon’s personal line of golf wear and accessories inspired by his unique style and love of golf.

Jim McMahon is an extraordinary and renowned athlete, whether he is on the football field or on the golf course. He has excelled in both sports and wanted to share his love of golf with the creation of Swang Wear™.

Jim wears all the products on this site and is actively involved in the design of all Swang Wear™. Jim wanted to create a line of golf wear that is functional, fun, and of quality. Swang Wear™ represents Jim’s ongoing commitment as an athlete and to his continued efforts to help others.

A portion of the proceeds benefit the The Lynda McMahon Ferguson Memorial Foundation for Literacy. You can also make a direct donation to the foundation.



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